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FMB wont open DCG generated missions

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I have a problem that I cant seem to find the cause.

Lately FMB is not able to fully open missions generated by DCG. It loads the map then freezes with the little box "stand by loading mission"

I am running 4.10 with DBW, DCG 3.46 with the "modded"  allpayloads.dcg and payloads.dcg data files for DBW and in replace Dgen mode and full auto generation. For over a year this has been rock stable, but now all of a sudden every mission it generates cannot be opened by FMB, but plays with no problems in campaign mode

So either something is in the mission FMB doesnt understand or cant find? It's weird because I havent had this problem before.


Is there any way to find what the problem is? I suspect it may be a "unit" name?

Paul, I cant seem to be able to post an example of one of the offending missions because it makes the post too long, and I keep getting an error message when trying to attach it despite it being only 204KB

"Error The server returned an error during upload"


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