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Keep being logged out


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I kept getting logged out of both sites for no apparent reason that I can find. I would click a link to another thread and boom logged out. Click a link for another forum, again logged out. At first I thought it was because I didn't use the remember me or keep me logged in feature but using it didn't help either.

Going from the Richthofen forums to this one logged me out too.

Not sure what I could have been doing to have it keep logging me out ???


Now to see if it logs me out after making a post like last time.


Thanks for looking.




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This is happening to me as well. I am using the current version of FireFox. Every time I navigate away from either the JG1 forum or the home page I get logged out. I went through all the options I could find in FireFox but have not found anything to help.


Update: Nevermind. I deleted the bookmark to the portal page and bookmarked the individual home pages. Works now.

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Btw' date=' vG, you may want to use this version of your sig:






The automatic one won't show your picture, as Spies doesn't currently have it.


Hmm, it didn't work the first time I tried it. Classical showcase of 'Monday.'

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