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DCG 3.48 & IL2 4.12.2 HSFX 7

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Ive tried to read up on as much of this as I could.  I got weird results when trying it.


I have all of my campaigns.. tons of them.. from   IL2 4.09  and HSFX 4.1...  using DCG 3.44 on a COOP  DSC server.

Ive finally gotten around to updating a test install to 4.12.2 and hsfx 7


Im rusty of course..but Ive done nearly 100 NGen DCG campaigns.  

So I wanted to update them for use in HSFX 7

I went through all the new aircraft / payloads... ground units. added them to the   Gunits , class, allpayloads file.

removed what aircraft were removed in the newer versions.


so my first attempt was an italy campaign... some of the squadrons that worked in the older versions...

didnt this time :

those got treated as allied squadrons and aircraft were placed on the wrong side of the front.  it wouldnt let you fly the mission but I could go in and look at it.
but I noticed there was some problems with squadron ID's in the forum so I decided to just do a very simple mission.
I took all the aircraft out and just left one allied flight and one axis flight.  made it a generic german squadron so there would be no issues.
got nothing but "front has been lost" errors
tried another one of my campaigns, a very simple africa 41 on the sands of time map.
same thing.  front has been lost
log file looks something like this :
[2015/05/04 19:03:02.740] Parameter String0 = E:\IL2 HSFX 7 Game testing\IL2_4_12_2_HSFX_7\NGen.exe
[2015/05/04 19:03:02.741] Parameter String1 = missions/net/ngen/dcg_aallied_x7_med_africa411/conf.dat
[2015/05/04 19:03:02.741] DCG.ini processed.
[2015/05/04 19:03:02.744] Loaded messages processed.
[2015/05/04 19:03:02.746] Game version checked [1946].
[2015/05/04 19:03:02.746] Game version includes IL2AEP [True].
[2015/05/04 19:03:02.746] Game version successfully set up.
[2015/05/04 19:03:02.748] Begin Parameter Check
[2015/05/04 19:03:02.748] Processing NGen Campaign.
[2015/05/04 19:03:02.750] Setting new log file date.
[2015/05/04 19:03:02.750] Game Path = E:\IL2 HSFX 7 Game testing\IL2_4_12_2_HSFX_7\
[2015/05/04 19:03:02.750] Finding configuration file to determine log file name.
[2015/05/04 19:03:02.751] Logfile = eventlog.lst
[2015/05/04 19:03:02.752] NGen CampPath = E:\IL2 HSFX 7 Game testing\IL2DCG\
[2015/05/04 19:03:02.783] NGen Conf.dat file located.
[2015/05/04 19:03:03.192] The Front has been lost.
I can go to my 4.09/hsfx 4/dcg 3.44  and generate these just fine.
Im a bit stumped
im assuming something has changed  that, in my attempt to read back and see.. that Ive missed something?
... adding..
It  does the same thing when I disable HSFX and run it as a stock 4.12.2
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From the Readme 3.48b16


Additions to Version 3.48

Fixed formula that evaluates pilot skill.  Fixed bug which would crash DCG if a AI squadron in MDS Dogfight mode attempted to intercept a "Human Only" squadron (with no predetermined flight path).  Added "Random" option for ground column contact distances.  Modified country identity code to select nationality based on position within the squadids.dcg file.  For example, any squadrons listed between g01 and r01 will be identified as German.  Added Russian properties file so descriptions will appear in the Full Mission Builder.  Added code to recognize and save MDS Scouts.  Added "Slovakia_Online" to winter/summer code.  Added code to let users define capital ship classes in the shipnames.dcg file.  Note: this code will not define all types of ships; only DDs, CLs, CAs, BBs, CVEs and CVs.  Added Wind to the Custom Mission Builder Panel.  Extended the delayed start times of flights based on the action radius of the campaign; the larger the radius, the longer the delays can be.  In addition, players can set the delay (in minutes) for the first in-game spawning of flights on the Waypoint Settings Panel.  Removed MDS activation from the Dogfight Settings Panel and put it under options.  If "MDS Code" is checked, it will always generate no matter which mode is active.  Fix spawning of Ju-52 in dogfight mode.  Fixed the losses to garrison troop numbers when static units are lost in their location.  Modified the Dogfight Panel and added a single dropdown selection for Third Party Server software.  Added basic compatibility with FBDj.

Note: After installing, remember to reset your basic options and, if using DGen or NGen Replacement modes, make sure these options are re-checked before running IL-2 Forgotten Battles, Pacific Fighters or 1946.  Mods which have made changes to the event log may not work with IL2DCG.

Read the bolded lines. I think that it can help to fix your friend/foe squadrons issue...

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thanks idefix


because I hate things that dont work.. Ive spent the last 12 some hours on this lol


I did get it sorted.. my two test campaigns all generated  nicely.


first thing I did. 1.  when in doubt and cant figure it out.. reinstall EVERYTHING.  Full re install of IL2.. patch. hsfx.  full reinstall of DCG 4.37 and the latest 4.38 beta

thennn I brought my files back in. I was able to start generating but still had squadrons in weird places (! remember to update your timetable file :) )

that did help with the squadrons. I read that, but I didnt know my planes went from blue to red just from a change in the actual game lol.  not until I opened the master mission file in the IL2 4.12.2 did I see it. then I used new squadrons.   and I went in and  manually added them to the squadid file to make sure.


that fixed it all.


btw if anyone wants the   class/allpayloads/armor/gunits files for HSFX 7.03 I can make those available. Im sure they aren't perfect but they are pretty close. I did armor and gunits files one item at a time so they are all in there. (save for two tank companies I had to drop cause their names were to long)  The next rainy day at the lake I might do all the new squadron IDs.

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Hi Widowmaker, more than a year ago I made the class etc files for 4.12, and began working on the HSFX ones, but finally gave up. So I know how enermous a work it is. If you decide to upload your files, you would do a great service to many of us. I suggest Mission4Today for the upload.



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