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Squadrons / Squadid file and planes showing up on opposite side of front

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Ok, so idefix44 reminded me of  deal with some squadrons issue and I read about having to add them in the squadID file 



do you guys know of any squadrons that are not working period?


I tried adding a flight of P47Ds to a new campaign.  assigned them to the 54th FG 57th Squadron.

Then when generating mission, they kept showing up  RED (red in the mission file, red in the plane selection screen), but they are referenced in the  axis briefing

and take off from axis territory attacking allied targets.


I had added  the squadron ID to the squadID file..

USA_FG_054_FS_057z      57th Fighter Squadron

even added it with an extra 0 at the end just for petes sake after the first try failed.

tried it again without it in the squad ID file.  all the same result.  placement section from squadID file below..

had to assign the squadron over the USAAF squadron to get it to work right.


are there certain things I need to look out for or something Im still missing with the squadrons?


----- 's added just to highlight location


AVG_FS_3z               American Volunteer Group 3rd Squadron
USA_FG_080_FS_459z      459th Fighter Squadron
USA_FG_035_FS_039z      39th Fighter Squadron
USA_FG_049_FS_009z      9th Fighter Squadron
USA_FG_054_FS_057z      57th Fighter Squadron
USA_FG_054_FS_057z0     57th Fighter Squadron
USA_RS_017z             17th Reconaissance Squadron
USA_RS_082z             82nd Reconaissance Squadron
USA_RS_110z             110th Reconaissance Squadron
USA_RS_022z             22nd Reconaissance Squadron
USA_FG_008_FS_030z      30th Fighter Squadron
USA_FG_008_FS_035z      35th Fighter Squadron
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Then when generating mission, they kept showing up  RED (red in the mission file, red in the plane selection screen), but they are referenced in the  axis briefing

and take off from axis territory attacking allied targets.


Check the generated mission file and please confirm that:

1. Squad is RED and having the proper nation markings;

2. Assigned airfield to take off from is BLUE (really?);

3. Assigned target to be attacked is RED.


Is it a multiplayer campaign with only RED and BLUE?

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yes that is all correct.

proper markings and all.  in the plane selection screen, it showed up with RED numerals  1 /2/3/4 for the planes with a US insignia next to the numbers. then listing the squadron number.  Selecting one of those aircraft would then show the waypoints starting at an axis airfield then going to a target in allied territory.   Looking at the mission in the FMB confirmed this.  And it also maintained the red status in FMB.  The waypoints were red... takeoff waypoint at an axis airfield.. then going to cap or attack a target in allied territory.


but in the briefing it does not mention that squadron. If you then click on an axis aircraft and look at the axis briefing, it mentions the US flight capping an allied area or escorting a german flight.


yes this is a DCG generated multiplayer campaign with only red and blue.

like I said I added the squadron ID just like i mentioned above.

when I changed it back from that squadron to the USAAF squadron (and that is the ONLY thing I changed) it then placed the flight  correctly at an allied airfield.

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Here, I regenerated it so you can have a look yourself.

tried to upload here but wouldn't let me attach "those" types of files.

you can download the rar here.



I included the master mission file and the generated one. along with some of the campaign files and the dcg error file.

you'll notice it says the player squadron is tentatively based in balbao airfield (axis territory)

the P47s are the first squadron in the mission file.

Also, when you give that squadron a different squadron ID, like  usa01  (USAAF), 

in the error file it will show the player squadron tentatively based, correctly,  at an allied airfield.

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It seems to me a DCG bug, definately. Only Paul can help you.


Before the squad identificaton routine was changed to how it works now, nationality and side were hardcoded. Any squad NOT in the hardcoded squad database was considered German (and Axis therefore). Now this is read in from the external SquadID file, but Paul seems to have forgotten to rewrite a piece of code accordingly. Your plane is correctly identified as USA according to the external SquadID file, but the waypoint and target calculation routine still uses the old reference, according to which your squad is unidentified and therefore German. Hence the odd behavior: looks like a duck, but flies like a bee.   :lol:

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Ok, well at least I know Im not losing my mind :)

Ive had a dozen instances or so of this if the plane is NOT in the SquadID file.  They do NOT turn blue. They exhibit the exact same behavior as above.  But as soon as I add the squadron to the Squad ID file, then everything is fine.

Ive done a check with each of my old campaigns when I render them, to go in and make sure all the allied flights are taking off from allied territory  :P  My campaigns are from 4.09 and HSFX 4.1.  And some of the squadrons I selected back then are not in the squadID file.  so if I saw a red flight taking off from axis territory, Id just go in and add the squadron to the squadID file.

This was, so far, the only time it DIDNT fix it.

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