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Potential JG1 recruit with questions. (Rookie Ace)


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Dear JG1 pilots,


I have had the opportunity to fly with you on Wargrounds several times now and have thus far enjoyed my time with you. :D Before submitting an application however, I have some (more) questions. (In case you haven't already noticed, I like to know what I'm getting into before I jump in lol.):


1) How many times a week am I expected to fly? While some squadrons say that "you don't have to be at every flight", non-participation is generally looked down upon with them. ;)


2) From my times on Teamspeak with you, I learned that you are a tournament-oriented group. This in itself leads to a few questions:

- Am I expected to participate in tournaments?

- Do these tournaments take the place of your usual Monday/Wednesday dates?

- How often per week are tournament missions flown?

- Can I fly in some missions and not others?

- I know some squads go into rigorous training prior to flying in any tournament. Would I have to do this?


3) I know new JG1 recruits go through training/orientation missions. How often per week do these occur? Who determines what days these occur? How long do they last?


Although I would love to spend more time flying in squad events, I am afraid my schedule and my family will need to take first place. I would be available only 1 or maybe 2 nights a week for squadron events. My parents don't want this to take up my whole summer, and I have three wonderful younger brothers who deserve my attention and involvement in their lives. I don't want to leave them hanging just so I can fly more. ;)


Thanks for allowing me to tag along on Wargrounds the last couple of times. Hopefully when these questions are answered, my parents and I will better understand how my summer will look if I join JG1.



HotleadColdfeet (Rookie Ace online)

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I'm sure Klai will give some better answers but from my experience I'll try to answer all your questions. Hopefully my answers are not outdated. As to who I am, I'm in the RoF group but due to family commitments I focus on WWII and Cold War more. If I had the time I would fly every night but I'm married with kids ;) in fact, I've been all but gone for the last 2 months due to track and field.

1). Just show you're alive and get here when you can. Practices are Monday, Wednesday and some people get together on Saturdays but that's not official.

2). Yes, overall a tournament oriented squadron but mostly a bunch of gamers who love flight sims the most.
a. Not a requirement but they're a lot of fun, IMO. Our awards are based from these results.
b. Most of them tend to be on Wednesday, like Flanders in Flames, right around the practice time. There are other tournaments that the host may have on Saturdays, it's up to them.
c. Generally once a week when they are active.
d. Certainly, just because you miss one or many doesn't mean you have to sit out the whole campaign.
e. The training leading up to a tournament normally entails some fundamental wingman ship and flying against each other so we can debrief our actions and get better. It normal ends up on a public server like any other night after awhile. If able, it will focus on the upcoming mission and what we will expect to do. It's not required but it is certainly encouraged if you can attend.

3). Initial evaluations are normally 1-2 nights and whenever you're available, just give a heads up to Klaiber and schedule it. Since you've already flown with the guys, this probably will be pretty short, you're a known entity already.

I hope this helps.

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Brit summed it up nicely. :)


Overall, JG1 is a fun group that really enjoys flying.  We try very hard to focus on teamwork and group tactics.


But real life always comes first.  So, it's understood that you'll be around sometimes, and that you may not be around other times.


It's been a lot of fun flying with you!  So, I hope we'll see you at our practice on Wednesday!

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Hey thanks for your responses, Britchot and Klaiber! Just to clarify, when you mentioned Monday/Wednesday practices, is that the same thing that I've done a few times with you guys on Wargrounds, or is it something different?


Also, how does one request a "leave of absence"? I might have to once the school year picks up again. ;)

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Hi Rookie,


When we're in-between events (like we are now), we'll usually just jump on Wargrounds or Syndicate, and have fun.  It's good practice, and it gives us a chance to try out different aircraft.


When we're preparing for a tournament, or when a specific training issue has been brought up, we'll have more organized practices with specific subjects of discussion.  Usually we'll train for the first hour, followed by a second "fun" hour on an open server.  This way, we can try out what we were talking about in a "live fire" environment.


Regarding a "leave of absence", just let me know you'll be away.  We have a number of reserve pilots who stop back every few months.

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