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Amazing story from last night!


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I was lost, my guys were at around 2K while I was still climbing in my Alby over the mud at around 1K. I reached the cloud bottoms when I saw an SE5 below me. Apparently he hadn't seen me yet so I made a plunge for him from his rear. It was then that I noticed he was at ground level, spurting across the tree tops. My speed had made the distance close rapidly even with my throttle at zero.

I aimed carefully just above his upper wing for the final few seconds as I approached, then pulled the trigger. I saw the tracers dig into his craft as he made a wild right turn. Unlucky for him, I had all ready made my right turn to regain my attitude when he was in my sights again. Firing my guns for what I thought was my last chance, I missed as he pulled up and away.

For the next few minutes he made high passes as I swung into his attacks not letting him get a good shot as he passed. Then I stalled while making a tight left bank. My demise was clear to me then as I turned my head to look behind me and saw him closing fast, his guns blazing fearcely. Diving quickly to try to brush off his attack, I nearly hit the tree tops. In a panic I hit hard right rudder and slipped between some trees, my wheels touching a road surface, bouncing me roughly back into the air. He too, had stalled for some reason and was right in my sights. I fired but missed again as he banked and I followed. Then he was off again, high and to my left, turning for another attack. I turned into him, hearing my wings creak with the stress. But his guns fired only a short burst then stopped. Why? Was he out of ammo? Was he wounded and had poor vision?

I followed him again as he climbed, turned and pounced on me again. Again he didn’t fire. I knew he was out of ammo, but his low turn made him a perfect target just below me. I pointed my nose down, chasing him to below the tree tops.....but I didn’t fire. If he was out of ammo, it would be murder to shoot him down. I pulled up, letting him go, waving a thumbs up as he banked around for me again.

Looking around to find him I then noticed there were actually TWO SE5s making passes at me. This change everything. I buttoned my top collar button so I would make a good impression when they found my body in the wreckage, re-cocked my guns and turned to fight.

I climbed, watching both craft as they began to separate on my front and rear, setting me up for the ‘scizzers’ attack. Only one would have ammo but which one?

As they dived on me, I banked left, then right, trying to keep out of their line of fire but neither fired at me. Both fired green flairs, then formed into a two plane flight over me. I think I saw a hand wave from one of them as he made a quick pass.

My engine began to stutter then. Looking back I saw a white smoke trail behind me. I was hit and had only minutes left before I went down behind enemy lines. Turning, I made a bee line for home.

It was then that an amazing thing happened. The two SE5s formed up on my tail, so close I could see their goggles, one on each side. Their chevron markings on their upper wings visible showed they were with the IRFC. I suppose they were trying to protect me from other Allied craft while I made it home. Once at the edge of our mud, both planes parted and turned for their lines.

It was one of those times when flying RoF is absolutely astounding. I imagine this sort of thing happened at times during that war and hope it happens more often than not in here.

It was an amazing fight that lasted nearly ten minutes. So long in fact my hand began to ach from gripping the joy stick so tightly.


To those pilots I SALUTE!


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