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Revisiting the Fw 190D-9 Dora


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I watched 1/2 of it, I'll watch the other half tomorrow at work.  It's always nice to see the actual pilots chime in, I'm happy to have seen it but saddened that there are fewer and fewer left.  


My German is too good for those subtitles, though.  I keep catching words that he's saying that aren't translated in the text. However, it's not good enough to watch without them!

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Interesting to hear him say the Dora was so calm on take off when the DCS version is so much of a handfull to keep straight.  I always take off at full throttle with MW50 in the damn thing just to get into the air as fast as possible, and it is also a handful in landing as well.  The plane just seems to zip to whichever direction the nose goes if it is not nearly perfectly straight.  


I haven't flown this one in a while though so maybe it has changed in light of this interview.  Makes me want to try again.  

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Yeah, I thought it was a very interesting interview.  It does make me wonder if they're going to continue to tweak the FM as we move into DCS World 2.


Btw: speaking of DCS World 2, there was a great streaming presentation by Matt Wagner on June 28th regarding some of the changes that are coming with the update.


Here is an overview by Bunyap, if you don't want to watch the whole thing.




Along with the Q&A afterwards:



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I like how he gets on the interviewer about asking what his ata was during landing!  It's quite touching how he got nostalgic at the end about his wingman, Heinz Marquardt, landing to talk to his parents. 


I'm going to need to remember the phrases, "Drilling for oil" and "California Giant Slip." haha!


That's next on my watch list for today ;)

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