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Short Films

Mauler Mithel

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Hello Gentlemen,


  I have been working up short films with multiple games, but most of all RoF. I am always looking for critiques and things to approve upon.


 All of my videos so far have been from online battles, so skins wont always be on or just be in the wrong theater. I would record against AI, but they only split S until they are on the deck. Not very interesting stuff.


So here is my latest creation, dedicated to France's Jean Navarre. The next will probably Ernst Udet or Lothar von Richthofen.







If you guys like that one and wanna see more. Check out my channel "Blue Falcon", and yes the military version of that big evil bird. :D

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Very nice, Kempf! The graphics were good, and you did a great job choosing the music. :D One thing I noticed is that the text was occasionally a little choppy and not written in complete sentences. Not too much of a big deal, but it would probably make for easier reading if it were fixed in later films.


I loved Navarre's quote just after you shot down the E.III. Very well-timed! :) Also, the epilogue after the credits with photos of the Ace himself was a big plus. Way to go! :D


Overall, it was fun to watch. Thanks for posting!




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