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FIF Rules clarification (important)


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Hi All,


During Saturday's Flanders In Flames session (Mission #3B, flown on 1 August 2015), a few pilots took off prior to the official start of the mission.  This is a violation of the tournament rules, and is the reason for this email.


The Flanders In Flames rules can be found here:



Please take the time to review them.


Basically, no aircraft can take off until the mission officially starts.  And a mission doesn't officially start until a green flare is launched from a vehicle placed at all active aerodromes.  This happens 15 minutes after the server was launched.  A minute before the green flare, you should hear church bells in the distance.  This is the warning to be prepared!


Additionally, it's important to note that Flanders In Flames is a "dead-is-dead" event.  This means that if your pilot is killed, or captured, you're unable to fly again on that night.  You'll have to wait till the next mission-night in order to fly again.  Everyone, however, has unlimited lives as a gunner.


Both of these rules will be strictly enforced.


Should anyone have any questions, please let me know.  And please help others by passing this information on.





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