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Horse test


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S! All


JG1 Server is running the Tarnopol map. This is the map for FIF XXII. This is not the plane set that will be used. The planes here were done for other tests.


This is to test Horses and wagons as a target instead of vehicles or tanks.


Grab a strutter at Ankjzobov, southern Russian base.  At the end of the runway is the standard buildings used for a target. Around the buildings are several wagons and horses. Kill any 4 and you get a target killed message. The server resets in 30 seconds..


The test is not so much killing the horses but also how well they can be seen from a distance.



See what you think.

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Tried the mission today. The horse-wagons seemed easier to see from a distance than the trucks we were hunting last session, mainly because of the dark brown color of the horses.


Also, as a side note, I personally thought it was tougher to kill the horse-wagons by strafing. Could be just me though. Bombs however were as effective as usual. :P

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Hi Hotlead,


Sounds cool! What will the planeset be for the next FiF?


It's still being decided.  But expect earlier aircraft.  This should be decided by next week.


Also, which side are we flying - Entente or Central?

This is still being decided too. ;) But more than likely, the sides will switch.

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