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Anyone who can do custom skins for RoF and IL-2?


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There are a few people in the squadron who are really good at skinning.  I'm sure you'll be able to find someone to give you a hand.


However, if you're interested in trying it yourself, Photoshop CS2 is currently free to download:



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I can help.


First, Have you downloaded and installed all the community skins?


You might want to  look at the present JG1 Skins. There is a lot a variation within similar color schemes.  Each Jasta has a set color or combination.


Do you have a personal symbol?


No, and I'll have to do that.


No, nothing good came to mind. :l


Could we talk on the Ts3?


In other news I got the Dr.I D.VIIF and the Camel.

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I saw your request on the RoF forum, I'll start working on your dr1 skin. It won't be quick sadly, between work and real life etc. I'll send you updates.




That's completely fine, I've been starting school so I haven't had enough time to sit down and do any flying really.

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