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Internet Issues

Mauler Mithel

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Hey Fellas S!,



 Well I made a post on Toms hardware but I would like more input on the matter.


Ever sense I upgraded my SSD (Cloned). I have noticed my internet dropping out more. I think this is just a coincidence though. My internet doesn't drop all the way out, just low enough that programs will disconnect. I even watched my modem which my PC is directly connected to and I see no change of the green lights. Also my PC never shows that it's disconnected from the network, maybe do to how fast the network reconnects. Either way this is killing my ability to play game like Rise of Flight.

      If I'm on Teamspeak the connection gets choppy and most people can't understand me. The connection drops and reconnects anywhere from 5 - 40 seconds. Rise of Flight I normally don't even get a warning, just dropped from the server. Last night I was dropped twice with in 30 minutes of the start of the game. It probably doesn't help I was connecting to Europe (J99). However when I play Day Z, a game on Steam. If I play on servers with low pings (40-130s) I may loose connection on TS but still remain in game with Day Z. Sometimes I'll drop out or warp. Today I played Day Z for about 2 hours and no drop from the game, just a few drops from TS. I also tested my router to ensure it is not just the PC. I setup my laptop with TS using my router and my PC also ran TS. The Laptop would always drop a few seconds before the PC.


These signs all tell me it must be caused from the providers end. Anyone have any other ideas?


 I had the provider send out a fella two days ago and all he did was check cable connection (PC-modem-wall), modem, and use [cmd], "ping ip -t". Which was only testing with 32kbps. I don't think this test is ideal, it tests the connection with only 32kbps how would it notice the other 94mbps dropping off.

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