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Honorary Russian pilot badge award


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For Meritorious service on behave of the Imperial Russian Air Service.


V-Man is awarded a Russian pilot's badge.





07.10.2015 22:34:07
V-man [Turret Roland C.IIa] has wounded (0.75) No.42_Wrongway [Roland C.IIa]
07.10.2015 22:34:07
V-man [Turret Roland C.IIa] has killed No.42_Wrongway [Roland C.IIa]
07.10.2015 22:34:07
No.42_Wrongway [Roland C.IIa] has finished
07.10.2015 22:34:08
No.42_Wrongway [Roland C.IIa] crashed on the ground


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Shnoze marches up to V-man and stabs the medal on him.  And while V-man is too busy reacting in pain Shnoze licks his lips and plants a big slobbery kiss on each cheek of his face. Then he grabs V-man in a headlock and gives him a noogie finishing off with a slap on the back and then Shnoze proudly marches away proclaiming.  "One of the perks of being in command is handing out awards!"

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