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Erhardt, check in!


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Hullu Britchot - cool videos...seems to be a lot of water and fast boats in Norway!  Sadly the military are getting a lot less cash these days (at least from when I was in back in 94/95), but I guess that means better equipment and better motivated soldiers - back when I was in, everybody had to go or do civil work...like in a hospital/kindergarden...so I chose guns, smoke and big explotions...


Sadly these days I play only on Saturdays for 3-5 hours as work is just to stressfull (we went from 5 employees to 3 last year and the workload is just building up). I had the day off, but will have to do some work tomorrow (Sunday..yurks...) as we are moving into the most busy time of the year.


I will probably be able to "fly" a little in the end of this month and the beginning of next month.. so I hope to see you then.


And sadly my son didnt like X-wing or any of the other boardgames (yeah I know X-wing isnt really a board game) I bought this summer (Memoir 44 and Command & colors to name two) as reading cards and having to think is just to much like school...so he went back to his Playstation and PC...kids these days!


Hope everyone in the squadron is okey and hope to see y`all soon! 

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