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Glitches in FiFXXIIb , session 1 b Sat, 10, Oct, 2015


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S! All



Major glitch was the Central side performed Spy mission but received no secondary target.


This has not happened before. I checked all the parameters and they look intact. Not sure what happened. System overload and it skipped it?


Still checking.



Second minor glitch was that it was actually the program for session 2 not session 1. Same planes just the even map instead of odd.


So, this week in NA we will run the second session, the even map. Saturday in Europe we will run the session 1 mission or, the odd map.


We will be back on track at session 3.


Stats for the Sat Oct 10 mission are not available. Hardy is checking the server.


May have to reload the parser programs  :( . That is a lot of work.



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Snags - I'm familiar with stats server since I set up one for my own RoF Server :) ... and I should, since i make my money with this boring comupter stuff :D

J99 Stats server wasn't updatet for a while and I guess, the database got a hickup since it wasn't maintained for a long time.


However - I apologize for mixing up the sessions - that was my fault. I'll double check next time.



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