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JG1 Battlefield 4 emblem


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Decided to take up another origin to re-do game time for BF4. under the name of JG1_Fuchs.


JG1_Fuchs will be my "smurf" so to call it, so if you ever see a steam account with that name one day thats why haha.


Here's a photo of the emblem I made based off the Red, white, red, white diamond, and black "Winged" 1.




I plan on improving it, definitely if I end up buying Battlefield 4 on my primary account. Already logged to Colonel 1 star in BF3. Got just about everything done, MK3A1 keeps eluding me haha.


I'll probably convert this into a few different pallets. Including Brit's A3 logo, expect that sometime in the next week!

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