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North American SNJ-6 (AT-6 Texan) fly-by


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Got myself a chance to hitchhike a ride in a SNJ-6, my dad was helping and flew (He used to fly for them back around 2007) in a two ship formation for  a fly-by over for a "homes for heroes" type ordeal. Did a low fly-by and a overhead brake. It was pretty cool. Linked an album of the "good" photos I took, and the overhead brake I put on YouTube. I would have to say the Texan is the sweetest flying airplane ever, it is an absolute ball. If anyone has flown one they will understand. 





Also, in case anyone has heard of the Griffon race plane P-51, called "Precious Metal" the owner and pilot is the person who was flying the other Texan, Thom Richard. Sadly Precious Metal turned to Molten Metal, I have a couple photos of the nasty fire damage.


I would love to hear about anyone else's flying experiences!

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I got a ride in an SNJ a while back for Father's Day, it was quite a bit of fun and if I had some more disposable income, I would get checked out in one of those, for sure!


Thats pretty neat.


If I had a lot of disposable income I would own one, haha.

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