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ATAG Bf-109 Sortie


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I started to get really nervous when I started trying to get him into a roll and I couldn't keep him out of phase.  He was more aggressive than most.  Usually Spit pilots will roll more lazily with you hoping to preserve their speed and you can spoil their shot but he was giving it everything he had to stay with me and push for the shot no matter what I did.  I could have made it back to base if I hadn't turned around to help the other 109 but then I wouldn't have gotten my revenge!


I wish I had taken a track of the flights so I could review how exactly each of the two Spitfires that attacked me reacted to my evasive maneuvers.  I think that would have made a great training video.

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Hey Klaiber!


I'm finally starting to have some more free time and have been getting back into CloD. Having to relearn how to fly again lol. When is the next squad practice guys so I can try to attend?


RoF is tonight, in about 45 minutes at 0200 hours. 


(Zulu time, other wise 9pm ET)

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