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Day Of Defeat


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I used to be a beta tester for DoD way back when. Grew up playing it up until the community for it died believe it or not. There is a small sub community for it called http://nineteeneleven.org/forums/ 


1911 used to be the main source hub of information about DoD updates, League stuff, etc. etc. but now its just a spot for all the old timers in the game to get together and say whatsup. Funny you mention it. Nice walk down memory lane.

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I used to play the hell out of that game. Had my favorite experience as a sniper on a custom map in this game. Went from 5 kills and 5 deaths to 5 kills and 7 deaths to 53 kills and 8 deaths. It was carnage. Haven't played it in years


Well maybe you outta play tonight with me!


Just gotta install it, damn fac restore :P

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