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Rise of flight "Natural gunsights"


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Not a fan of the collimater sights because the base is large and obstructs your view when you need to aim ahead of your opponent.  Otherwise it helps if you use 6 dof but the telescopic sights do the same thing and generally obstruct your view a lot less.


Fokker Dr.1: as you said, crossed wires

Fokker D.VII: approximate middle of windscreen (horizontally and vertically)

Fokker D.VIIf: midpoint of top edge of windscreen

Fokker D.VIII:  midpoint of the imaginary line formed between the horizontal cross hairs of the two machine gun sights

All Albatros' and Pfalz D.IIIa:  top of radiator cap

All other German, the built-in gun sight works great, including the DFW.CV gun sight on the left side of the engine hump


I fly using only 2 dof (actually 3) which keeps your head perfectly aligned horizontally and vertically but of course sacrifices some realism.  Some others I have talked to also do the same, but it is by no means an absolute necessity for success.



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I guess on all those twin-gun planes the Germans would have had to look down the gun sight of either the left or right hand gun.  This is a view you can easily set up and save, and I used to have that programmed for each plane it applied to, like a saved zoomed in view to use for long-range accuracy shooting, like when chasing somebody.  Even though those views are probably still working they've fallen into disuse for me.


Perhaps they really "shot from the hip" most often if careful aiming was impractical.  That may be the reason Boelke and MvR always said not to bother shooting from beyond 50 meters range.

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The bullet spread out beyong 100 meters is atrocious, so I rarely shoot from beyond that distance unless I'm trying to hit a Spad or SE5 that's outrunning me.


I like the culminator sights (esp night version) better than the telescopes but generally speaking I fire from the hip and have a general awareness of where my bullets are going through experience. The best way to improve gunnery is to decrease the distance you are shooting from. Less dispersal, less lead, and each round hits harder. It's a tactic that works regardless of what era you're flying.

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Agreed, the long range shooting was all from the days before they added the increased bullet spread.  Used to be that a Dr.1 could turn and continue shooting at an escaping SPAD and disable his engine enough to slow him down to the point you could catch up and finish him off.  Man did that PISS OFF the SPAD pilots   :D


You can still land a bullet now and then from long range, but it does little to down them, although for some reason the first bullet generally causes a stage one wound to the pilot.....a point of complaint by many on the receiving side.....it will certainly discourage them from coming back, as will the occasional slow fuel leak you can inflict.


Personally I've never spared the bullets in the German planes, as 1,000 is a lot to work with, and often you know exactly what you've got left to work with, unlike the Entente crates.  I've always tried to inflict as much damage as possible while the enemy is within my ability to hit him; furballs offer an opportunity to get a lot of kills in a single sortie, but I'm not in those situations often at all.  My favorite thing is to try to combat multiple enemies at the same time while trying to maintain a position of advantage, if the enemy will cooperate by being stupid and not extending away while I'm engaged by others, climbing, and returning to shoot me while I'm focused on others.  In those situations, if I find a good opportunity to hit a plane hard I'll try to blow his wings off in one pass if possible.


My opinion is that there's an appreciable difference in this sim of people's ability to see their bullet trajectories.  Captain Darling told me his secret to good gunnery was mainly to watch his tracers, and I always thought "what tracers?".  My video settings have always been as good as I could get them on the 32" 1080p 60 Hz monitor I use; I like the wide field of view but the detail, while quite good, is certainly not as good as some other pilots.  Even when I watched Barton's video that he posted I could see the bullets in the video more than I can in the game.  So for me I am highly dependent on aiming points and judgement of where and how far ahead I should be shooting.  Practicing this helps a lot and seeing the damage appear on the enemy plane confirms correct aiming, and eventually becomes second nature after a while; but it is clear to me that I might be doing better if I ever upgrade, which I'm probably due for.  It's hard to decommission a machine that works perfectly in all respects and runs the game flawlessly, though.

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BTW, just for interest's sake:   ;)



[kol-uh-mey-ter] /ˈkɒl əˌmeɪ tər/
  1. a fixed telescope for use in collimating other instruments.
  2. an optical system that transmits parallel rays of light, as the receiving lens or telescope of a spectroscope.
Physics. a device for producing a beam of particles in which the paths of all the particles are parallel.
Origin of collimator
1815-25; collimate + -or2
Dictionary.com Unabridged
Based on the Random House Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2015.
A device that turns incoming radiation, such as light, into parallel beams. Simple collimators consists of a tube having a narrow, variable slit at one end and a convex lens at the other. Radiation entering the tube through the slit exits the lens in the form of parallel beams. Collimators are used to establish focal lengths of lenses and to measure the distance of distant objects whose position is known. See illustration at spectroscope.
The American Heritage® Science Dictionary
Copyright © 2002. Published by Houghton Mifflin. All rights reserved.
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