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Adding a Carrier


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This is kind of directed to Lonestar. Our group is running your Extended Solomon's Campaign. I set up as a navy flight group off a carrier.


We finished the Eastern Solomon Campaign and moved to the Guadalcanal. It has us taking off from land. Is there any way to add a carrier to this campaign?



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Sure, the easiest way to add a carrier, is to create a .prd route for both sides and add a US Task force to the .mis file!

I have made a manual, how to make it: http://www.lowengrin.com/download.php?view.139

But it could be then, that DCG creates for the japanese only missions against the aircraft carrier and probably ignore the enemy ground units at Guadalcanal!

The other problem are the US destroyers in the .srd route! If they would destroyed during a mission, then it could be, that they will spawned into the .prd route and the trooptransports have no more escorts!

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I've looked at this subcampaign more closer and I suspect that there will be problems when integrating the new ships for the Task force!

The main reason are the commands in the timetable.dcg for this subcampaign!

You must know, you can assign a "chief" designation only once! If you simply save the new ships in the .mis file, then duplicate "chief" designations with which of the timetable.dcg will be assigned and that gives problems!

A solution would be:

1. Add your task force ships to the .mis file and save it!

2. Then open the .mis file with an editor and add a new number to the "chief" designation line of the new Task force ships!

The last assigned number for a column/ship is "82_Chief" for this subcampaign in the timetable.dcg! So you must continue with 83_Chief for the carrier and then 84_Chief for the cruiser a.s.o.!


I do not guarantee that it works, but it is the only way to change something without to make major changes in the timetable.dcg file!

Hope it helps!

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