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Was wondering why the Storm of War server hadn't been up for a while in Cliffs of Dover... Here's why




Campaign/server announcement

icon_post_target.gifby Admin (Reddog) » Thu Nov 12, 2015 6:46 am

Salute Pilots!

“For you, the war is over†is a phrase which gets used in many a war film, and for Storm of War it’s also the case – or will be soon. This is an advanced warning that the current iteration of “The Long War†will come to an end on the 6th of December.

We are taking this decision for a few reasons:

Firstly, we’re coming up to Christmas and traditionally many want to spend their time with their families rather than shooting down their virtual friends. This means that numbers are down on “normal†and provides an opportunity window that hopefully I can take advantage of.

Next, the SoW Admin team have a long list of enhancements and new features which they want to work on and release for you guys, but that comes at a price. Firstly, the time to do the work and then the testing, means that the server will be unavailable and many of the items are not quick fixes but integral changes to the way the current system works. It would be unfair and confusing to do these mid campaign now.

Lastly, the general feeling in both camps is getting a bit more frazzled, and a bit more contentious as things come to a head. This means we’re expecting one side or other to crack or run out of planes or lose interest relatively soon. We know there are rules and limitations within the framework we’ve created which don’t suit everyone, and the limitations of CLOD itself are being pushed as well and it’s important to try to provide solutions that everyone can enjoy although we know we can only “please some of the people, some of the timeâ€. Additionally, there are players out there who have flogged themselves to bomb targets day after day when the target destruction wasn’t working properly, who’ve battled through enemy escorts many times to get to the bombers, who’ve sat in the Ground Control rooms giving up their time and sacrificing their flying opportunities to organise and order us around the virtual skies. All of these need a well deserved rest and break before they wear themselves out and want to stop flying SoW and/or CLOD.

In time, we will be releasing some details on what we are working on, if anyone has any suggestions then please post them in the Bug forum where I can evaluate and think about them.

So in closing, we have had fantastic support to date, and we very much hope that the community we’ve built here at SoW appreciates that we are continuing to try to evolve and refine what we’re doing and offering, and can support the decision to break on the 6th December. I’d like to take the opportunity to thank every single one of you for your donations, your kind words and your day in, day out flying on the server – (not so much for the bug reports, lost aircraft, general headaches icon_lol.gif ).

I hope that we will continue to see a heavily populated server in the next few weeks, and then see you all back in the new year to start again!​
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