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can you have more than one "invasion" and "victory objective"?


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Just going through the "Create of an external DCG campaign" tutorial and it says the following

"Now to the "red" island and we start here with the beach and connect it to the runway located closest! Note that the direction or routes is always from the "blue" side to the "red" side. At this island you only need 2 tracks (beach to runway and runway to runway), because at this island no invasion will occur and no ground vehicles will drive on it! This route only serves to define positions on this island!"


My question is, is DCG limited to only having one side "invading"? This is setup by the "front" in the campaign file? The reason I ask is some "Pacific" maps have more than one land mass or island and I'd like to have the Japanese attacking the defending allies on one island meanwhile the allies attacking the Japanese on another. Is this possible? ie to have red forces invading one island at the same time blue forces are invading another? Or is it limited to only one "attacking" force? ie as in the campaign file can you have more than one "front"




My goal is to set up a DCG campaign for "
SAS~farang65's" excellent "Dutch New Guinea" map in C.U.P. Ideally I would like Red forces attacking at the red box and blue forces counter-attacking at the blue box. Which brings me to another question. Does it have to be a "beachhead" for a main attacking force? Could I also have red forces attacking from land in the pink box pushing to the red box? Ideally I would like the "end campaign" scenario to be blue forces taking the airfield at the "Aru Island Group" or Red forces taking BOTH Momi and Babo Airfields. Can the objective be "two" airfields or is DCG limited to only one "victory" endpoint?




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Both sides can attack - the "attacking" side only defines which side controls the fewest locations (making set up faster).  The "front" location is only used to add flavour text.  Basically any location that contains units on both sides, acts as a "front" line location.


Beachhead locations are required as a way for DCG to spawn units invading from the sea.  It basically gives them a place to spawn at the beach.  So the having the word "_Beachhead" as a location, is a trigger for DCG.


Unfortunately, you can only have one objective per side.  You'd have to decide which of  the two (Momi or Babo) airfields is the hardest to take and use it.

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