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invasion from the sea requirements?


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Going through the tutorial it's quite confusing, especially the grammar! It's driving me batty. At first I was confused by the different names, but I think I have finally got it.

Beach: loading point
Beachhead: unloading point
Harbor: departure and arrival point

Now for a land invasion from the I think the following is required:


Attacking force:  


Must have both a departure and a loading point, specifically a "Beach" (loading) and a "Harbor" (departure)


ie Jimdigris_Beach  (loading of vehicles) and Jimdigris_Beach_Harbor (Ship position when being loaded and from where ships leave)


and the beach must always be an equivalent name land position in the roads rds file, ie Jimdigris_Beach in the rds file, Jimdigris_Beach_Harbor in the srd file


Landing point and offloading point, specifically a  "Beachhead" (landing) and a "Harbor" (offloading) ie Angela_Beach_Beachhead  (landing of vehicles) and Angela_Beach_Harbor (Ship position when being unloaded) 


and the "beachhead" must match the equivalent name land "beach" position in the roads rds file, ie Angela_Beach in the rds file, Angela_Beach_Beachhead in the rds file


Defending force:


Defensive Position,  specifically a "Beach"  ie Angela_Beach   (tutorial says this is waypoint two of a three waypoint route in the rds file)



According to the tutorial the attacking force must have  the following: "Tramp" "LCVP" "Tral" "MFP" "DaihatsuLC"


Does the invading force have to have both a tramp and a landing craft or just a tramp?


Now what I find confusing is how the red and blue supply routes are set up differently in the tutorial, is the comment that "Red" forces follow against ship route waypoint numbers and "Blue" forces follow with the ship route waypoint numbers a hard fact?

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Last question first.  The game always assumes blue forces follow ALL routes from left to right and red forces always follow routes from right to left.


So if a Japanese force is at Henderson_Airstrip it will travel to Lunga given this below.  And an American unit will travel from Henderson_Airstrip to Edison_Ridge.


[Henderson_Airstrip to Lunga]
  640421.94 79833.45 120.00 0 2 3.055555582046509
  640177.38 79811.77 120.00 0 2 3.055555582046509
  640067.00 79763.43 120.00 0 2 3.055555582046509
  640001.56 79810.50 120.00 0 2 3.055555582046509
  639985.06 79912.30 120.00 0 2 3.055555582046509
  639897.69 80014.75 120.00 0 2 3.055555582046509
  639767.44 80111.33 120.00 0 2 3.055555582046509
  639760.88 80246.88 120.00 0 2 3.055555582046509
  639662.13 80263.28 120.00 0 2 3.055555582046509...


[Edison_Ridge to Henderson_Airstrip]
  639687.44 77490.87 120.00 0 2 3.055555582046509
  639748.44 77593.12 120.00 0 2 3.055555582046509
  639680.06 77668.02 120.00 0 2 3.055555582046509
  639592.88 77784.52 120.00 0 2 3.055555582046509
  639527.44 77891.80 120.00 0 2 3.055555582046509
  639570.50 77986.18 120.00 0 2 3.055555582046509
  639970.25 78096.73 120.00 0 2 3.055555582046509
  640327.19 78311.13 120.00 0 2 3.055555582046509
  640605.88 78483.30 120.00 0 2 3.055555582046509
  640513.75 78587.02 120.00 0 2 3.055555582046509...

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An invading force must have at least one of the following: "Tramp" "LCVP" "Tral" "MFP" "DaihatsuLC".  Doesn't matter which or if they have more than one type.


The type and naming of the locations isn't quite as strict as you've made it.  It's fine to have:


Angela_Beach (in the .rds file)

Angela_Beachhead (.rds)

Angela_Harbor (.srd)


But you also should have a land location (.rds) nearby called "Angela".


If the Americans are invading and Japanese defending, you'd have routes in the road file that go.


[Angela to Angela_Beach]


[Angela_Beach to Angela_Beachhead]


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