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It can be done! Landing a Pfalz D3 with no upper wings...


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Tonight I was on Wargrounds bashing around in my Pfalz D.IIIa. On one of my sorties, I encountered the enemy's recon trying to return to base, close to 1000 meters above the ground. I took shots at him, and as I got closer, I could see that his propeller was stopped, but that he might have enough altitude to glide back to a friendly field, so I pressed my attack in the hopes of knocking him out of the sky. Things went along well until I heard bullets from his tail turret impact my airframe and then heard the terrible crunching sound of wings peeling away.  :o  :blink:  :wacko: Amazingly, I was able to nurse my wounded bird down from 1000 meters high to the trenches and land her. I couldn't believe my survival at the time, and remarked I'd have to shoot some screenshots, since I had no external views to see the full extent of the damage done. When I took a look at the track I shot, I was even further amazed: I had miraculously landed my wounded bird without any upper wings at all!


Now, I'm no Ace pilot and I've died plenty of times  :rolleyes: but I guess I got lucky this time. Thank goodness I didn't try to make any sudden moves!!! :lol:









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