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A touchpad to use while flying


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So DCS is great, the clickable cockpit switches really add a lot to immersion. However, desk spacing can present a problem. Currently I have my mouse sitting to the outside of my stick. This is usually not a problem, but sometimes when I need to hit a switch, it means either reaching across with my left hand, or taking my hand of the stick. Not so good. I have limited space on the left side of the desk, and I can't get the hang of left handed mouse control. 


So, I found this. I just ordered one, and I'll let you all know how it works!



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That actually looks like a great idea for the off-hand.  Definitely follow up and let us know.  I'd love to be able to maneuver the mouse with my left or right hand depending on the situation, much like using left or right in a cockpit.  

However, that remote control option just brought up Trev's commonly recited theory on how all things are related to/developed from pr0n.  

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So the touchpad arrived! I'm at work so I haven't been able to try it out while flying yet, but I plugged it in to the MacBook here and it was recognized and worked immediately. The sensitivity is nice, not too fast or slow. I'll try it out tonight in the sim and see how precise it is!




                                                                (fingers for scale)


It came in this envelope. The back of the touchpad is just the soft side of velcro, and then it comes with the corresponding hook side with a sticky back, and then also one with a foam back. Not sure what that second one is for... 


Construction seems cheap but effective, not cheap in the "it'll break soon" sense. 

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Nice, I'm looking forward to some flying experience when you get the chance.  Things like precision and scrolling speed/distance.  


I think I would have put the hook on the pad, myself.  That leaves the soft for flat surfaces if you take the pad off.  I'm prejudiced, though, that's how my radar detector is mounted :D

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Well, I got it home and tried it out and it worked pretty well! It took slightly longer to press switches and what not, but I chalk it up to using it left handed, and also it being a touchpad instead of a mouse. I'm sure with use it could be just as fast.


However, after installing the driver so that I could use the Control Center program (which lets you set the device orientation, scroll speed, etc) the mouse cursor just freaks out. The slightest touch causes the cursor to jump to the edge of the screen in a random direction. As soon as you uninstall the driver, it works fine again. I emailed the company that sold the device, as well as the company that develops the driver (I think Ergonomic Touchpads sells them, but Cirque is the OEM) to see if they have any ideas. I'm using Windows 10.


But, then a bigger problem presents itself. I need to be able to remove this device from the spot I'll use it often, since I have kids. The velcro seemed pretty good for that, however the first time that I pulled it up off the velcro, the device started to come undone. The glue they used to hold it together isn't as strong as the velcro apparently. 




So, the device works well. The response was great. The speed and precision were there, but the build quality wasn't. They have a 30 day guarantee (as well as a 1 year warranty). I'm not sure if I'll replace and find somewhere else to put it, or just send it back.  :unsure:


EDIT 1: I wasn't content with just letting it stay like this, so I just took a little super glue to it, and after it's dried, I've taken it off and on a few more times and it seems to be holding together okay, so maybe I'll hold on to it and keep trying it out :P Now I just need to get the driver issue resolved so I can mount it upside down (the cord comes out of the right side of the unit, right into the keyboard -_- ) and all will be well!


EDIT 2: Well, before I super glued it, I sent an e-mail to Ergonomic Touchpad and they've already gotten back to me and offered to replace the device. I didn't expect a response so quick! I was also able to resolve the driver issue by plugging the touchpad into a USB 2.0 port. I had it in a USB 3.0, and after switching between the two, the issue is definitely related to having it in the 3.0 port. 

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