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Legend of Murvaux: The Final Flight of Frank Luke Jr.


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At last it’s finally here! biggrin.png biggrin.png biggrin.png Today signals the end of a journey for me. After 3 years of dreams and hard work, â€œLegend of Murvaux: The Final Flight of Frank Luke Jr.†has arrived at long last.


I would like to heartily thank all those here on the forums who encouraged me during this project's implementation. You guys are why I made this film and it is you guys who made it possible in so many ways.


Salute! icon_e_salute.gif

-         Hotlead

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Hotlead surpasses my every expectation!  I honestly felt a little nervous at the beginning because I wanted it to live up to all the critical expectations of the "community".....and it HAS without any doubt.


Salute Hotlead and Co. for an awesome piece of work!  Outstanding! 

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On this day, 100 years ago, 2nd Lt Frank Luke Jr died behind enemy lines in a small field. He was, at that time, America’s reigning Ace of Aces with 18 confirmed victories, not to mention several unconfirmed ones. Even more astonishing was the fact that Frank Luke claimed all these victories in the space of only 17 days. To quote Eddie Rickenbacker, “No other Ace: Britain’s Bishop from Canada, France’s Fonck or even the dreaded Richthofen had ever come close to that.â€


Bumping this post today in Frank's honor. Rest in peace, Frank. icon_e_salute.gif 

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