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JG I "Richthofen" - FIFXXIIIa Session 3B (30 January 2015)


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S! All,


The following JG I pilots are being recognized for their actions during Session 3B of Flanders In Flames XXIIIa (flown on 30 January 2016).




. . .



Wound Badge 1918: Silver Class


  • Oblt. Heinz (Moxy) Schulte, Jasta 10 (mission #3b, 30 January 2016), for being wounded in action 3 times within one streak.
Prussian Air Gunner Badge


  • Gfr. Wilhelm Madvlk, Jasta 6 (mission #3b, 30 January 2016), for acting as an observer / gunner during an official sortie.
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