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Created DCG Coop campaign but having some issues..


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I tried searching using various terms but no joy.


I've successfully created a DCG Coop Campaign for HSFX using the Western Front 44 map.  By 'successful' I mean that it's generating missions, however, I have a couple of issues which I hope some of the subject matter experts can help me out with.


I used Lonestar's guide initially but I think I'm getting beyond what it can tell me.


Three key problems at the moment;

1.  One of my Allied airfields (i.e. Bradwell Bay) keeps showing up as "contested/neutral" and I don't know why.  It's clearly in the Allied zone (even after missions have been generated).   I've tried re-doing the 'roads' aspect for the .rds file but no joy.  It keeps showing up in the territory.dcg file as "Bradwell_Bay_Airfield 0 Allied=0  Axis=0".   I'd like to resolve this as I need to use this for my heavy bombers.  Other Allied airfields are fine (e.g. Manston, Leiston, Raydon).

2.  Some missions (not all) start with all planes exploding (on the ground and in the air).  Any advice on what is causing this is appreciated.

3.  Despite creating my .mis (master) file with P-51Bs as the first aircraft, DCG creates the campaign with P-38s at Lympne as the first squadron.  What I'd like is for the first (i.e. human) squadron in the DCG Squadron Editor to be P-51Bs at Manston.  I have my 'roads' leading from the Beach to Lympne so I can understand why that would be the main base.  I don't know why P-38s are superseding the P-51s so to speak.  I've tried switching values for RuHome and RuBase in the  Allcampaign.dcg file but DCG insists on putting P-38s and Lympne as the first item in the Squadron Editor.  What am I missing?


Thanks in advance and regards,


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1. Bradwell Bay Airfield may be going neutral because "Bay" is a restricted word.  You may just want to shorten the airfield name to just Bradwell_Airfield.


2. Planes exploding on the ground are usually due to the X,Y coordinate for the airfield being too far from the spawn point (usually one end or the other of the airfield).  Planes exploding in the air...they're spawning on top of each other.  They shouldn't but if you have really large flights and are playing full settings with lots of squadrons, it chances go up.


3. The aircraft chosen for the first squadron depends on a few things.  Which "mode" you're spawning the campaign in (off-line, on-line, auto or manual).  If it's offline and auto-generated, then your choice of planes should be through the planes.xxx file linked to your campaign.  If it's manual, you have to manually select the player squadron plane as it's hard-coded.  To ensure it starts at the base you want, you need to put it at that base using the editor with take-off coordinates.  Again, this doesn't work for all modes.

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