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I have this exact set up from Roger Dodger Aviation, slightly modified to fit my computer desk as I didn't need the throttle stand. 


There is no need for added stability as it is supposed to strap to your chair with the two vertical posts with velcro and your feet on the rudder pedals.  This gives you a push/pull sort of balance. I have my chair on a rug so I don't strap to the vertical points and the far end by the pedals is up against something else (wall, maybe?) to limit movement.


I have left mine where I can rotate the center stick down towards the pedals to store it (though I hardly ever take it down).  I wound up tying the vertical stick support to the underlying crossbar when it's set up since there was some play without gluing/screwing the connections in place.  With my cord, there is very little movement 


Cost? Probably $40 from Home Depot, but I bought a pair of PVC cutters.  This wasn't too much more but it makes a clean, fast cut.  You can cut PVC with a hacksaw, though (or 550 cord gut ;) )


Putting it together took a couple of hours because of a dry run then taking it back a part and gluing/screwing it down.  I painted mine a primer gray because white doesn't fit my decor.

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I built a massive rack to hold model aircraft around at the maximum 45' inch wingspan, fits 8 planes. Costed something like $60 from what I can remember, I'd imagine that would be cheaper.


I think if I ever did something like that, which would be really cool, I would have to have a center stick!

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