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CH Pro Throttle Ministick problem


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Hey guys, 


So, so far I'm pretty happy with my CH setup purcheses, although I am certainly having to relearn muscle memory with the linear throttle, and then using the pedals.


One of the issues that I'm having though is that I use the ministick to slew my targetting pods and the like on aircraft like the A-10C, Ka-50 and Su-27. If I flick the down or to the left, it re-centers just fine. However, if I flick it up or to the right, it doesn't re-center all the way, so it ends up with the reticule travelling constantly in that direction until I recenter it manually. This makes it hard to fine tune things. 


It might be because I'm using the stick as an axis instead of a button press, but has anyone who has this throttle experienced the same? Right now I've got a pretty heavy deadzone set on it to counter it, but this isn't ideal. 


I contacted CH and got this response:

Hi Zach,

The microstick on our Pro Throttle has a light spring tension which can cause the crosshair to be slightly off center.  All of our Pro Throttles act this way, but perform within tolerance. The best option to resolve this is to apply a deadzone within the software or Flight Simulator that you play.

Jon Soucy
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