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Im having a problem with one custom campaign I created ... whenever one map switches to another i get a message about not a valid integrer value or something like that but if i generate the campaign on that map, it generates normally. It only happens when it switches ... Do you know where I should be looking for an error?


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Thxs for the answer Lo,


I guess I have to check my whole work again. I dont know if it helps to narrow it down but when the message appears the DCG console seems to be stuck with a message saying "Inside Active Flagging routine" and immediately under it "Please Wait ..."


Also, looking into the dcgerror file I get the following:


[2016/03/12 19:14:07.563] Get Squadron Information.
[2016/03/12 19:14:07.563] Advance time.
[2016/03/12 19:14:07.564] Begin Time Table Initialization.
[2016/03/12 19:14:07.564] Begin Time Table Check.
[2016/03/12 19:14:07.566] End Time Table Check.
[2016/03/12 19:14:07.970] End Stationary Front Routine.
[2016/03/12 19:14:07.985] Creating column paths.
[2016/03/12 19:14:08.101] 28_Chief Trains.Germany_CargoTrainA/AA 2 does not spawn due to possible collision.
[2016/03/12 19:14:08.101] 29_Chief Trains.USSR_FuelTrain/AA 1 does not spawn due to possible collision.
[2016/03/12 19:14:08.101] 30_Chief Trains.USSR_CargoTrain/AA 1 does not spawn due to possible collision.
[2016/03/12 19:14:08.101] 31_Chief Trains.USSR_CargoTrainA/AA 1 does not spawn due to possible collision.
[2016/03/12 19:14:08.101] Offset armor's first waypoint.
[2016/03/12 19:14:08.101] Check/Fix Distance between waypoints.
[2016/03/12 19:14:08.101] Set up static tank/artillery columns.
[2016/03/12 19:14:08.317] Squadron base routine started.
[2016/03/12 19:14:08.349] Squadron base routine ended.
[2016/03/12 19:14:08.349] Generate Flight Missions
[2016/03/12 19:14:08.349] Campaign Preferences Saved.


I think it is a problem with the routes because I changed the regular vanilla map of Smolensk with a retextured version. Does that help or should I just review everything?

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If you're using a different version of the Smolensk map, it may be that you need to tell DCG that you're using that map for your campaign.  So you'll need to put an entry in the maps.dcg file for it.


Although it appears from the log you posted, it's generating the columns alright.  It's crashing at the start of the mission routine which makes me suspect it's got to do with your squadron set up.  Can you cut and paste the first couple squadrons out of the squadrons.dcg file in the campaign's folder.

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Here u go Lo,


  Planes 16/16-0+4
  Skill 3
  Class air.BF_109F2
  Active True  Any Pilot Type
  Planes 16/16-0+4
  Skill 2
  Class air.BF_109F2
  Active False Any Pilot Type
Do I need a DGen folder for the campaign even if I play in dogfight mode? Could that be the problem? I didnt create a DGen folder for this campaign as I only planned to play it in dogfight mode ....
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