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Apologize - mission 3


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Not to worry, Yello!   :)


There was a lot of stuff that went on that had a lot more effect on the outcome.  We had people who couldn't get into the server because of the server limit, plus we also lost at least 2 bombers to DTD's and subsequent ghost pilots being carried on the server.


Who cares!   :P   Not me anyway.  The server / mission genius' will talk about things that went on, but we all had fun and that's what's most important.  S! to both sides, great job by all!

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had a similar experience yesterday like Yello....



half an hour in the game i suddenly had a gameserver disconnection, even teamspeak got all weird  and i had to restart my pc, the game and TS. After that i had to wait about 40 minutes to get in the game again because the server was full. Not complaining about the full server, only a joy to see so many pilots online!


But am i correct that when a disconnect happens and all was fine before (i was flying at that time) i am allowed to take a plane and fly again? Thats what i did after conformation with the leader. Once in the air after half an hour i oiled my engine and landed at the correct airfield ( i think....) waited for 5 minutes and took of again.


Then got bounced by 2 Se5's and shot down and relived as a gunner for a while.


If i made any mistakes then i apologise for that, but if i did then pls tell me what i did wrong so i do not make that mistake the next time.




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The following is copied and pasted from the "Server Crashes and Discos" section of the current, posted rule set:


Unintentional pilot disconnections (discos) due to technical issues are almost always out of the player's control.
Thus, no participating pilot will be penalized for game crashes / failures (like the 10019 error) or internet connectivity crashes / failures.
If a pilot discos due to a technical issue, they should immediately check in with their team commander (CO) and ask for a rules clarification. If the CO clears the pilot, he may re-enter the server and refly, as if nothing happened. This is true even if the pilot was in enemy territory.


Hope that helps clarify things.  S!

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