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JG 1 "Oesau" announcement


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Hi All,


JG1 has a long and storied history online.  This is something that everyone within this squadron is very proud of.


It's fitting, therefore, that on the 24th Anniversary of our founding (1 March 1992), JG1 is ready to announce it's official expansion within the online WW2 flight sim community.


This is a momentous occasion for us, as it shows our squadron's continued internal, as well as international, cooperation.


To the announcement:


For 15 years, this squadron has represented itself as II.Gruppe Jagdgeschwader 1 (II./JG 1) within all Second World War flight sims.  This will not change!   The II./JG1 name, borrowed from the historical unit, is fundamentally tied to who we are.


However, with the blessing of JG1.sk, our squadron is now going to also adopt the I.Gruppe Jagdgeshwader 1 (I./JG 1) name as well.


What this means is that, in terms of WW2 simming, JG1 is now a full geschwader, encompassing two full Gruppen: I./JG 1 "Oesau" and II./JG 1 "Oesau".


As a result, people should expect to see our JG1 pilots online with both the I./JG1_ and II./JG1_ prefix uniforms.  This is especially true within IL-2: 1946, IL-2: Cliffs of Dover, IL-2: Battle of Stalingrad and DCS: World War II.  We have also formed a GeschwaderStab (wing command) which will use the Stab./JG1_ prefix online.


In the coming weeks, expect additional announcements regarding the future of JG 1 "Oesau".


In the meantime, see you in the cyber-skies!

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Hi All,


I'm very proud to announce that the III./JG 1 squadron, commanded by III./JG1_Willy, has decided to merge into JG1 "Oesau"!


III.Gruppe Jagdgeschwader 1 (III./JG 1) is heavily involved in IL_2: Battle of Stalingrad and IL-2: 1946.  They also fly DCS World as well.


With this merger, the JG1 geschwader is now complete.


Welcome III./JG 1!  We can wait to fly with you guys in the virtual skies!

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Hi All,


I've officially announced our expansion at the following forums:


IL-2: Battle of Stalingrad: http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/79-jg-1-oesau-recruiting/page-2


IL-2: Cliffs of Dover: http://forum.1cpublishing.eu/showthread.php?t=229639


ATAG / Squadron recruitment: http://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=21542


Let me know if there are any other locations where I should post.  I thought this covered most of our bases.

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