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CoD - disappearing contact fix?


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Sorry the tecno in me




In computer graphics, accounting for level of detail involves decreasing the complexity of a 3D object representation as it moves away from the viewer or according other metrics such as object importance, eye-space speed or position. Level of detail techniques increases the efficiency of rendering by decreasing the workload on graphics pipeline stages, usually vertex transformations. The reduced visual quality of the model is often unnoticed because of the small effect on object appearance when distant or moving fast.


Although most of the time LOD is applied to geometry detail only, the basic concept can be generalized. Recently, LOD techniques included also shader management to keep control of pixel complexity. A form of level of detail management has been applied to textures for years, under the name of mipmapping, also providing higher rendering quality.




Ahhhhhhh that explains it. EDIT (lol)

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I did 1 flight with it on.

And It works. As far as the aircraft not disappearing up close, do a 360 and there...there.

I also could see aircraft all over the channel.

The forums, are talking that this induces stutter. and the guy that found this, found it

because of config ini file version comparisons (he just tried it!)


Dont know, 1 flight is not anywhere near a good test!!!!


Yea it changes the rendering, But..........




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Ive been running tests on this. And it does make aircraft visibility seem correct!

Im seeing aircraft (in my mission) all over the channel, and correctly proportioned

No over sized dots, and at a distance they look like airplanes!



The thread has died down, indicating to me the stuttering associated with this,

is too severe! Obviously its in the config. for a reason and turned off.

Weather this is meant to give the proper rendering, and is un-optomized

or for some other reason. It doesn't seem that's its a "holy grail" to

solve this problem at this time.


I to have noticed, extra stuttering with this on. But for just flying around,

seeing the aircraft correctly? Has out weighed the stuttering.

But of course, any stuttering, is unacceptable for competition combat.


The biggest improvement I got from the last patch, was a complete "re install"

I mean absolutely pristine!!!!! Comparison between old (up dated) and the new install

showed several file differences, not corrected by the "integrity check" .

A lot of work (6 hrs), joy stix, sound, re-config etc. all for better results over the old up dated

install, and I did consider my old updated install "clean"


IMO, "Clean is good" But..................




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Quick and dirty Level of Detail. If you have a 3d model that at full level of detail is say, 50K polygons, it doesn't make much sense to render all 50K polys if the model is far away from the camera. So, decrease the level of detail by a certain amount, and you can save massive amounts of bandwidth and processing power. No sense rendering 50K poly's when all that's shown is 4 dots.


Normally, this has been done on the CPU, but within the last several years - the ability to "program" the GPU has become prevalent, but in the coarse look at LoD in this context would benefit minimally if you do it on the card. Still have to send the full 50K poly mesh / model to the card.


A finer look into LoD on the GPU may be nice to "blend" the model with the surroundings - so the object gets "lost" in it's surroundings.

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