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Couple of doubts


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Hello all!


Is now time after a long hiatus to recover DCS campaigns and play some more, but before I reinstall everything I will like to ask a couple of questions.


- Is there any campaign for my Kanto plain map?




Is well suited for USN carrier raids against mainland searching for ground targets, airfields and coastal shipping, is also good for B-29 campaigns and Very Long Range P-51 Mustang based on Iwo and tasked to attack japanese mainland too. It doesn't need any ground movement, allied will be based on carriers and on Iwo attacking everything that moves on Japanese itself. It can be a fun campaign I think.


- And is possible to use modded planes in campaigns? I'm on 4.10 + DBW 1.71 and will be fun to operate and intercept planes like the P-61, the B-26...


Thanks a lot for all the hard work!

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We have many great maps in DBW 4.10 but not many DCG campaigns for it (at least not for public)!

This is the main reason why i always make a map and shortly thereafter a campaign for it . . .


I can only recommend learn to build DCG campaigns:



Take the class.dcg, payloads.dcg and allpayloads.dcg from my Carrier Operations v1.3:



and start with your campaign!


Happy campaign building!


Edit: If you need any help please PM me!

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92 pages!  Yes, has also surprised me . . .  :huh:


At SAS or freeil2modding in the campaign sections but i must admit its currently not a good time for DCG campaigns with DBW! All campaigns i have made are only tested with DCG 3.47, so if you want to play with DCG 3.48 play better the stock campaigns and use the modified DCG files (class.dcg, payloads.dcg and allpayloads.dcg from my Carrier Operations campaign)!

If you need help PM me! 

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