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The General


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This is a mission suggested by Gen_Markov


We have gone through various designs and implementation features as well as how it would fit into the existing FIF structure


Basic mission.


We replace the convoy on a road with an automobile . Only 1 live entity instead of 4. He not marked on the map and must be found. Fly within 3 km of the General so he will stop and fire a green flare. 10 seconds later he will fire a second flare in case you missed the first one. This is his surrender signal. A plane labeled Capture can land anywhere within a 3 km radius. This is to accommodate for bad landing areas. You do not need to land next to the automobile. When stationary after landing there is about a 10 second wait and you will see a General Capture subtitle in the bottom left of the screen. The Capture plane can land anywhere in friendly territory to complete the mission. The completion subtitle is in the top left of the screen. It takes about 15 seconds after landing to get the subtitle.  The general has a case full of papers. Upon examination they reveal a troop build up along the front. This location subtitle will be displayed at the bottom left of the screen.  This will be the Trench attack mission. It will be at a specific location and become part of the repeating list of objectives.


If the Capture plane has problems and is damaged or killed before completion, the second Capture plane can be used. The AAA gun does not re-spawn after destroyed. If the AAA truck was destroyed the General does stay put but will no longer fire flares. If the AAA truck was not destroyed all vehicles keep moving. The second capture plane needs to land, get the subtitle and return to friendly territory.



 Pictures of mission sequence: 


Pick the plane named capture     Gen%201_zpsoqccccmh.jpg?t=1460326702



Repeating list of objectives   gen%202_zpsog7gg0v6.jpg?t=1460326705



Landing subtitle     Gen%203_zpsmilswgp7.jpg?t=1460326705





Mission complete subtitle  Gen%204_zpsnhk2l2ag.jpg?t=1460326705



Trench attack subtitle    Gen%205_zpsdqcv0plc.jpg?t=1460327079



Trench attack repeating subtitle    gen%206_zpsb4vwbaqm.jpg?t=1460327081

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S! All


We have been doing this and found that the General is not that easy to find. Some of this is due to the large area. In order to be an effective mission, it really needs to be done in about one hour.  


So, some modifications are needed.


Instead of finding the General and killing the AAA truck, the only vehicle is the General. Gosh, won't that make him harder to find? The General is a big chicken, remember? When you get within 3 k meters, the General now fires 2 flares to call for help.  You can then land and tie him up.


This change makes him easier to find. It makes the mission go a bit faster. It also gets rid of 2 live entities.  It puts the General mission on par with the spy mission.


Changes made to description above.

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