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Data files for DCG 3.48/49 and IL2 4.12.2/4.13.1


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Dear Lowengrin and fellow DCG-ers,


Here are a set of genuine hand-crafted data files for people to use in their games. Too many changes to list. All planes/ships/vehicles/trains are included and all payloads and squadids.


Please use as you see fit.


For IL2 Game version 4.12.2 - https://www.dropbox.com/s/zhaqvo9zobz5bkj/DCG_4122Data_20160421.zip?dl=0

For IL2 Game version 4.13.1 - https://www.dropbox.com/s/hlrrs8edkstzzac/DCG_4131Data_20160421.zip?dl=0




sniperton for his 4.12 data files which I used as a base.



2016.04.17 - Initial release

2016.04.19 - Fixed wrong version squadids.dcg, fixed Escadrille Normandie-Niemen.

2016.04.21 - Fixed some planes flyable flag (CW21, HS-129, I-15bis, Re.2000, G.55)

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In the squadids.dcg file is a mistake.

Line 1134:

NN                      Esquadrilla Normandie-Niemen

isn't good. Esquadrilla isn't a french word.

The good line must to be:

NN                      Escadrille Normandie-Niemen


It's an old mistake wich is always here, again, again and again...

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As I said, use as you see fit. :)


By the way I had to make two versions because of some changes between patch 4.12 and 4.13. For example, the R-5 is now flyable in 4.13 and had it's loadouts modified so that some from 4.12 are now gone in 4.13. Also the squads in the game got a major overhaul in 4.13.


Oh and I meant to ask, Lowengrin, did you ever alter the code to allow longer names in the armor.dcg file? One of the stock Italian SPGs was left out for that reason if I remember correctly.

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Another small fix, this time to class.dcg.


6 planes were not listed as flyable in class.dcg but are flyable in 4.12/4.13 - CW-21B, HS-129B2/B3Wa, I-15bis/skis and Re.2000.


4 planes were listed as flyable in class.dcg but are not flyable in 4.12/4.13 - Fiat G.55 (4 variants)

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