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torpedo bombers too high

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currently running a modified "siege of Rabaul" campaign using the cup mod and relevent data files. The campaign runs very well, but for reasons unknown to me DCG generates mission waypoints for Betty bombers armed with torpedoes attacking a US carrier at level bombing altitudes. DCG is choosing the correct weapons load from the payloads.dcg and allpayloads file, but somehow is making them fly a level bombing route

As you can see, the Bettys are flying at 3000 metres and 320kmh, and do not drop down into a typical low altitude torpedo run, and they just drop their torpedoes like a bomb, with the obvious useless outcome :(

  NORMFLY 340745.00 297601.00 4000.0 320.00 &0
  NORMFLY 356809.00 275058.00 4000.0 320.00 &0
  NORMFLY 374973.00 250415.00 4000.0 320.00 &0
  NORMFLY 388937.00 229972.00 3000.0 320.00 &0
  NORMFLY 405366.00 181586.00 3000.0 320.00 &0
  NORMFLY 425994.00 129000.00 3000.0 320.00 &0
  GATTACK 428099.00 106100.00 3000.0 320.00 16_Chief 0 &0
  GATTACK 425994.00 79000.00 3000.0 320.00 16_Chief 1 &0
  NORMFLY 397116.00 179336.00 3000.0 320.00 &0
  NORMFLY 372437.00 225472.00 3000.0 320.00 &0
  NORMFLY 348559.00 272808.00 3000.0 320.00 &0
  LANDING 328880.72 315945.53 0 0 &0

payloads line:

G4M1_11                            50x15                                   default                                 1x800                                   default                                 1xtype91mod1                            default
all payloads data:

G4M1_11                                  B 12x60
G4M1_11                                  B 16x50
G4M1_11                                  B 16x50inc
G4M1_11                                  B 1x250
G4M1_11                                  B 1x500
G4M1_11                                  B 1x5002x250
G4M1_11                                  B 1x600
G4M1_11                                  B 1x800
G4M1_11                                  B 2x250
G4M1_11                                  B 3x250
G4M1_11                                  B 50x15
G4M1_11                                  B 8x100
G4M1_11                                  T type91mod1
DCG class settings:


Is there a file I can edit to make the bettys drop down?

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In my USN Tulagi map, it appears AI sometimes was able to launch torpedoes fine sometimes they just drop them like bombs.  It's very interesting.  I don't know what is affecting their behaviors.  I played Tulagi map extensively for testing.  The second mission, when Betties and B5ns counterattacked my task group, I was overwhelmed by them once and they sank the carrier.  Other times, they just drop like bombs and failed to achieve anything.  Btw, DCG generated Pearl Harbor mission, if you play B5n, it always load you with bombs to attack the warships.  Even though I specified torpedo as the anti-ship weapon on Kates.

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4.11+ AI code causes torpedo bombers to climb in case they think they're under attack.

Unfortunately this can also be caused by heave AAA fire.

When the attack continues and vital parts of the plane get hit, they will dump the torpedo.

On the other hand, when the attack stops, they will continue their torpedo run but in that case they might have reached an altitude where the torpedo run code doesn't work correctly anymore and the torp will get "bombed" into the target.

This is an error in TD's native AI code since 4.11, unresolved until today (4.13.2) and impossible to fix by modders since TD deliberately don't share their native library holding the new AI code.


This is the root of the problem.  I found this on SAS site today.  So if you fly the torpedo bomber and lead the squadron yourself, you might be able to avoid the height issue.  But AI just can't do it in the heat of battle, especially when under attack from fighters and heavy AAA fire.

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