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I need to buy some planes.


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Hello all,


I am relatively new to ROF (maybe 20 cumulative hours in different planes). I saw the FiF test server up the last two nights so I hopped on and looked around. I love the mission ideas and folks were friendly and encouraged me to come over here.

I looked in the Store today and the planes are deeply discounted, so I wanted to buy a few while I can.

I already have the Dolphin and SE5 on the Entente side. On the german side I have the DVII, DVIIF, and DVIII. I have the DR. I also but can't even get off the ground yet due to the torque.

Of course I have the free planes as well. 


I am thinking about a medium bomber/ two seater for each side, a float plane for each side, and maybe a Flalz DXII and a Sopwith Pup.


I like spads, but I prefer turn fighting, but I know the Camel is temperamental. I mostly play New Wings Wargrounds and of course hope to play FiF when it comes up if I'm not out of town (will registration be coming up soon?)

Thanks for your suggestions.

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I'm curious what other people will say.  But for me:


The rest of the Albatrii (the Albatros D.III and Albatros D.II) are always a good choices.  They're used on servers a lot.  And in tournaments.


Another two German aircraft to consider are the Pfalzes.  The Pflaz D.III isn't the best thing out there, but it's beautiful, a lot of fun to fly, and very forgiving.  And the Pfalz D.XII is an excellent high altitude energy fighter.  It has a very strong wing, and is an excellent diver.


And if you'd like to bomb, you can't go wrong with the DFW C.V.  We also use the Halberstadt CL.II a lot as well.


I'm not as good with Entente aircraft, but I'd recommend checking out the Camel, the Nieuport 17.C1, and the Hanriot HD.1.  And their two seaters are excellent.


Not sure if that helps at all. :)

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We are using the float planes in the next Flanders in Flames but other than that,   Float planes are almost NEVER used in online play.  You might want to skip them for now and pick up some of the other planes unless you have the extra money.


The planes are a great buy.  Also look at the mods section.  Many planes benefit from weapons mods. Some include a compass or temperature gauge.


If you do not have the Channel Map, this is a great time to get it. It is normally $20.

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