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Joystick Input Twitchy


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The RoF response curves utility is the best way to judge.  If you check each axis and it moves smoothly from 0 to 100% consistently and repeatably, there's no problem with the stick.  If you see it jumping or acting unstably at any point in it's range, it's the stick, and as others have stated, if you have pots instead of Hall sensors, that can happen, although I've seen it happen by poor wire connections on the pots themselves.


I wouldn't suspect USB connection unless you lost functionality altogether, and had it normalize after unplugging/re-plugging. 

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Crossing my fingers for you.


It might just be my brain shorting out, I flew a number of sorties Monday in the Gotha G.V and managed to not spin it. So, I think I got it sorted. Have a brand new Warthog waiting for my pit build, just waiting to have some cash for it.



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