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Been AWOL for a bit because I caught a virus and had to reinstall windows.  Decided to reinstall it to my SSD instead of my HDD so it would boot faster and all that.  Backed everything up and found I couldn't format my HDD from the windows installed on my SSD and I couldn't do it from the windows installed on my HDD because it was using the information on it.  After a bit I got it worked out and managed to format my HDD but for whatever reason when I boot up my computer is still detecting the windows on my HDD (which isn't there).  Anyone know how to get rid of this?

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Might be my SSD.  I disabled the HDD and it still came up.  Then I completely disconnected it and it (2 windows) still came up.  I did have an installation of windows on my SSD that I thought I overwrote because it was never identified but I guess it's ghost is running around in my PC.  Now when I put the windows disk in it won't even load.  This crap is getting old, fast.

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