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Wow, it's been a while and DCG is still alive and well


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It's been 2+ yrs since I last visited this forum.  It looks like DCG is still well and alive.  Bravo to Paul and everyone that has worked on this great mod.  Since the new 4.13, I am done with HSFX.  DCG didn't work well with HSFX.  Just wonder if the newest DCG can work with other mods such as Modact and CUP?

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Pandacat you will love this little tool from sniperton:


 Data Integrity Tool for DCG v0.24


You basically install Paul's DCG v3.49v and then DIT compares the .dcg aircraft files with your IL-2 version and tell you what aircraft and weapons your DCG files are missing and helps you sync them up.


When you install CUP - snipeton and Moezilla have a tool that fixes the weapons so that DCG and the game can use them all.  

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Yes - Paul didn't drink the mod cool-aid so the DCG files in 3.49 will not be in sync with any of the mods. What sniperton tool does is allow you to sync whatever game version you have to DCG.

Note This tool only addresses aircraft and not static nor any other moving objects.  

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Pandacat - here is the breakdown of the different IL-2 versions.


  1. IL-2 FB 4.13 Standalone Unmodded
  2. IL-2 FB DBW (Dark Blue World) 
  3. IL-2 HSFX (Historical Fix)
  4. IL-2 UP (Ultra Pack)
  5. IL-2 FMT (The Full Montey)
  6. IL-2 CUP (Community Universal Patch Note: This replaced FMT, UP and DBW)

These versions do not have the same maps, aircraft/loadouts, static and moving land and see vehicles and effects/ eyecandy and functionality (...i.e. differential breaking that can be mapped to an axis) 


Since all of them have modded aircraft - Mod Act houses all of the FMs (button files) in addition to a few added mods that provide new functionality.


I suggest looking at the SAS forum for details.


I have 2 installations of IL-2 (HSFX and CUP).


Note: Only HSFX and unmodded  are designed specifically for online play.

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HSFX has an issue with how it writes game actions to the log. If I am not mistaken, it was abbreviated and modified for SOW I think.... not sure.


CUP has a very involved install process (all 20 modules have to be installed in the correct order, with frequent restore points and instructions to manually remove folders)


Here is what I did.

Download the maps to a folder (Maps)

Download the files of the module you want into a folder (WAW)


Make a clean IL-2FB install, update to 4.12 then install Modact

Install the .zip files of the maps 1st and then either WAW (...only one I have) and all the other modules.


That's it!


CUP had 980+ aircraft  :D thanks to sniperton they all can be used.

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Sorry Pandacat I gave you wrong information about CUP


It has 5 Modules


Maps (FOR ALL 4 Modules)

Dawn of Flight (WW I)


JTW (Jet War)

TGA (The Golden Age of Flight)


This is the main link



I only use WAW.


The key to understand is the use of JSGME, which is how you activate and deactivate sub mods that are designed for WAW (..or other modules)

The 20 files can be found here



Download and install in order. Delete the necessary files when instructed from the JSGME folder for (#WAW folders) it's the files that starts It's really not hard - you just have to keep track of your install order and If you mess up - you have to start over. :D


CUP works well with DCG - it's just that not all non original aircraft have readable weapon loadouts and some errors because this was all done by hand that's were sniperton's tool and DCG fix comes into it's own.

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Oh, btw.  I used to play DCG with HSFX.  One problem I had was I could never advance from one map to the next.  For example, the USN pacific campaign.  I could never finish Tarawa map.  I flew so many missions and spent many ingame months, every mission is a success, but still couldn't win that map.  So at the end of the day, I had to manually change the victory objective to pass that map and advance to the next.  Have you had such a problem with CUP?

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A quick look into the files shows that the stock endcampaign.dcg shipped with DCG is a very old one (timestamp 23/02/2009) and has no 'Tarawa' entry. This probably explains why the map is unwinnable  ;)


BTW, Pandacat, HSFX is a stable and unchanging platform which you can also use for online play. Moreover, HSFX is FPS-friendly as much as the stock game, and there exist some DCG campaigns made especially for HSFX.


CUP/WAW, on the contrary, is huge, and is much more demanding on your system. Expect lower FPS values and forget about mass operations unless you have a very decent rig. Moreover, to use the extra stuff in CUP/WAW, you have to build your own campaigns, or wait until someone (like JG7_X_Man) publishes what he has been building. Some air units and many ground units in CUP/WAW have issues, and a non-firing artillery unit can ruin even a well-designed DCG scenario.


So if you only want to fly pre-made DCG campaigns (and not fussing with data editing and testing), I recommend Modact 6.1 based on 4.13. It can be graphically improved by copying the HSFX sfs files (fb_hfx*.sfs) into its SFS_AUTO folder (you can use symbolic links which don't occupy HD space; a handy utility: http://schinagl.priv.at/nt/hardlinkshellext/linkshellextension.html)

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Oh I see.  Thanks for your tips, Sniperton.  Here are my issues.


1. The issue I have with Modact 6.1 is some of my favorites are not available such as TBF and B17.  Modact 6.1's flayable plane list is basic the stock version.  

2. I agree with you, CUP at current state is really messy.  Difficult to download, install and play.  But graphics, are pretty good.

3. Also, as far as I can remember Tarawa wasn't the only problem child.  The normandy map was not winnable either.  So when can we expect an update for the endcampaign.dcg?  Perhaps, I'll just use my HSFX version.  I just want a Pacific campaign where I can play from Pearl Harbor to Tokyo.  I am currently using MotorHead's custom made campaign in Dgen mod.  But it is not well made and it's really difficult to communicate with those Russian dudes.  

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1. The issue I have with Modact 6.1 is some of my favorites are not available such as TBF and B17.  Modact 6.1's flayable plane list is basic the stock version.  

All stock AI planes were still flyable in Modact 5.3 based on 4.12. Unfortunately, 4.13 messed up so many things (particularly bomber-wise) that previous mods don't work any more. Modders don't want to re-do everything all the time TD changes a piece of code. So your choice is to stick to mods based on 4.12 (HSFX, CUP/WAW, VPMOD) or use 4.13 with stock content.  :wacko:

So when can we expect an update for the endcampaign.dcg?  

As soon as someone does it  :P

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Hi Sniperton.  Just another question.  I have HSFX 7.02 version.  It worked fine.  But I heard there is 7.03 version, which includes all these trigger mods.  Some people complaint that trigger mods have conflict with DCG.  Just wonder if you are aware of this or this issue has been resolved already.  The post I read on SAS website was from 2014 though.  Not sure if it is still relevant.  Also another thing.  HSFX has no default FOV mod which allows me to zoom in on my gunsight with trackir.  Just wonder if there is a FOV mod out there that works with HSFX.

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