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Planes being replaced in third party campaign


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Hi folks

I am running DCG3.46 updated to HSFX501 (using patch here http://www.pliki.backspace.com.pl/)

I am playing with campaign Battle of Britain v.12 HSFX501 (downloaded from same link as above)

Everyting goes fine in career mode, but when generating manual missions (single, coop, etc.) some planes are replaced by other models (for example Bf-109E-3 replaced by Bf-100F-2)

More specifically, when generating the campaign in manual mode, the squadrons.dcg file is correct, however, when generating the first mission the squadrons.dcg is changed, and some planes are replaced


Any idea of where the problem is? any thoughts on how to solve this?


I have realized I can manually change back the replaced planes by the right ones in the generated mission, but this is tedious to do...




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Hi magomar,

I have no HSFX 5 and dont know what it could be!

Also, I'm personally not sure if DCG is 100% compatible with HSFX 5! The reason of my uncertainty are the new major mods, which produce new entries in the log file and cant handle by DCG!

I can only advise you to ask "AMK" at http://www.sas1946.com/main/, who made the files for HSFX 5!

He should know what it could be!

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