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WWWhiteLily Memorial Sunday June 12th 3pm EDT


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We lost one of our dear squadmates last month when WWWhiteLily passed away.  She was one of our most disciplined flyers and a very good person.  She leaves behind a son and two daughters and will be greatly missed by us all.  It is our tradition to perform the Missing Man formation when a member leaves us and we will be doing so for Lily next Sunday in the ROF platform.  If any of your squad members are interested in attending you are more than welcome.  I have PM'd our TS info to Klaiber for those who are interested.




CO WingWalkers


Here is the announcement:



And the detailed instructions:




...and just for fun, a video from Joint Ops Training with Mojo and Lily doing a loop together ( Mojo will be the "Missing Man" in our formation)  Keep in mind that my recording didn't include the bridge object that was really there....so the loop had to start and finish passing under the bridge.



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I'm terribly sorry to hear of your squadron's loss.  I actually knew Lily from Joint Ops and flew with her a bit more than a few times.  I recall that she was a very calm and skilled pilot.  My thoughts go out to her family and friends.


That video must have been from the aerobatic classes, one of the few I never had the chance to attend. 


I will do my best to attend.

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Very sorry to hear about your loss.  My sincere condolences to both her family and friends.


I won't be able to attend her memorial service, but I'm positive that there are quite a few JG1 pilots who would like to be there.


I'll pass out your TS information in our private areas.


Would you like me to RSVP with those who can make it?

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