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Some minor questions on DCG settings


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Just need clarification on these settings:


1. For those torpedo bombers should I set them as bombers or ground attack?  The anti-shipping mission is part of bomber's or ground attack's?


2. What does active fronts do in game?  The description says there will be anti-tank guns at the front.  So what would be the effect of this?


3. Air start.  I do have it checked, but some of the missions still have me airborne at the start of the mission


4. Primary objectives.  So I should have both this and "no instant success" checked?


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1.  Either.  What determines anti-shipping is them having a loadout for anti-shipping.

2. Active fronts has the game spawn some units to make it appear as if there's combat at the front.  Additionally, units destroyed there will have an impact on the likelihood of the front moving if one side has columns (tanks/vehicles) in the area.

3. Air Start gives your squadron and other squadrons a chance of starting in the air.  It's not a certainty.

4. No, you should have "no instant success" unchecked no matter what.  I'm not even sure why I've even left that an option because whether you're successful at your mission or not, time should advance.  There's no second chance in DCG,

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