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CoD Patch news - 8 Dec 2011


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Not good, I'm afraid. Though the current information is very vague.


It looks like work on the patch has been halted for some reason:




Three quick questions' date=' sir, please:


1) Will the Radio Comms finally fully work on this next build?

2) Is AI work being done (matching the Radio Comms, and getting rid of foolish AI behaviors)?

3) Can Luthier give us any estimate regarding the release date for this patch?


Thank you![/quote']


1) your question is on my list and will be sent to Ilya

2) it's a complex problem that we can not solve quickly

3) No, there is a problem that prevents us move forward in the development


Can you tell us if the problem is a financial one or a coding one ?


No' date=' the problem is not financial or programming. I can not tell more.[/quote']

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That's what I thought at first too.


But there are two conversations going at the same time.


The discussion regarding the possibility of a dynamic campaign starts before page 20 and is wrapping up when page 21 starts. Then there is adonys' question on page 21 which is a separate thought, and focuses on Radio Comms, AI and then news on the patch.


The clincher for me was on page 22, when you also have this:


Are we talking about patch for Cliffs of dover which should bring some optimisations to the game engine (performance)?


Yes. As soon as we resume work on the patch - I'll let you know about this.


Does this problem include the risk of further development being completely cancelled or is it for sure' date=' just a temporal problem?[/quote']


A temporal problem.


The one positive thing that he does say is this:


Tonight will be the Friday update. Ilya answer questions that have been collected here and in the forum Sukhoi.ru.


So I guess we'll find out more today.


Btw: in another thread' date=' someone is paraphrasing what they've found over on the Sukhoi.ru forums:




I just had a google translated read of BlackSix thread in sukhoi.ru. The guy is working hard at communication, no breaking news but a listening ear and about a 100 of "I take note". He confirmed that the MG 3d modelers are full steam on the "battle for Moskov" expansion, so no hope for new flyable BoB planes, such as Wellington or Beaufighter, the latter being not ruled out completely though. They have opened a sort of rolling bug report, but without feedback from the devs because they have not enough time. Podvoxx was nice as it was him who asked BS to pop in the yellow forum to inform us, which he did. all in all BS is a nice guy.

Despite feeling quite disappointed, I can understand the logics behind this choice: avoid language issues and need to get info on the battle for Moskov, plus the fact that the main market for this expansion will surely be Russia.




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Sounds like they're going back to the eastern front. I know that it's IL2, and I don't mind having WW 2 airwar simmed out to the max. But do you suppose they'll give some more to the ETO, and not as an afterthought. And if so then how can they ignore the PTO?



You think the problem might be like the one with Douglas A/C manufacturer (IIRC) back in the day of their Pacific Il2? A question of copyright infringments on some obsolete a/c no longer manufactured. Lame a/c company.

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