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Along for the Ride Episode 2! (Rise of Flight)


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Really well done!


I've always considered the Halb D.II the better of the two planes, once the maneuvering begins.  I've always had the impression that the N11 is a somewhat better climber, and is also faster.  Most people I think would say that the gun on the Halb is better, easier to be accurate with, and with more ammo, and no reloads.  However you really have a great handle on shooting with the N11, and showed the potential of it's great rate of fire.  It's amazing to see how easily the wings came off both Halbs, with accurate shot placement.


I swear if it had been me closing on that second plane with the N11, one bullet would have fired and then a reload, giving the guy the opportunity he needed at ground level to do what the Halb does best to turn the tables....such is my luck (or bullet usage)   :rolleyes:


I'll be honest, I never really thought about the roll on the N11 as a way to try to get an advantage over the Halb D.II.  I guess I never considered the two planes much different in that aspect.  You obviously were just plain better at performing the scissors, using the nose-to-nose concept and timing of your reverses far better than I ever do.


If it had been me in the Halb, I think I would have used a continuous turn and not tried to follow your scissors, once I realized how good you were at it.  You may have been forced to take a passing shot head-on, or maybe been just short of a firing solution on my six, which I might have tried to increase into an eventual firing solution for myself.  In any case, the Halb is extremely dangerous with a pull-up shot and so can afford to sacrifice altitude to get itself in position.


It's really great to see you performing in an Entente crate instead of the usual Alb, and an early, at that....and doing just as well.  Very many pilots out there don't bother with the earlies and think there's nothing much you can do with them.  Personally I think planes like the N11 are extremely challenging, and therefore the most fun.  Awesome work!  S!

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Thanks guys!


The scissors is hands down my favorite maneuver.  I have used it to turn the tables many times mostly with 109s but even with the Zeke when I was flying Axis in the Pacific Theater in IL-2 1946.  


Looking for the next fight that I can turn into Ep. 3 

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