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tomorrows tournament


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Looks like tomorrow is canceled





Salute Gentlemen,





until end of registration phase, only two days before the event, we have got a total of 39 registrations. Two of them were only tentative. Too few pilots for a large map that is designed for more than 60 Pilots and even then the map is still huge for those slow aircraft like E.III or D.H.2.



Probably it's because of the ongoing European Football Championship ( Soccer for our U.S. Friends :) ) where we have matches at the same time or because of holiday time.



However, we decided to skip the event and we will discuss an alternate date.





I'm sorry to disappoint people who have subscribed and were looking forward to the event, but we believe that it wouldn't be fun flying around for four hours in a large territory desperately searching for some opponents to fight for. I hope you understand.





Best regards




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