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Carrier aircraft launch logic


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Just wonder if DCG has any impact on how carrier launch its aircraft.  Here is an example:


On Tulagi mission 2, I started the mission airborne in a F4F-3 and the carrier launched a full deck load of bombers to attack a Japanese supply ship column.  After all the bombers were well on its way, the task group came under attack from 12 Japanese bombers and 3 fighters.  Instead of getting more CAP fighters airborne, the carrier proceeded slowly to launch the second strike wave of bombers.  After that, then it started to launch 8 fighters.  By the time, we cleared most of the fighters and bombers, my pilot was wounded by a bomber and I was returning the carrier.  Just about to land on the deck, the carrier was starting to launch a 2nd batch of 8 fighters.  By then, the air battle was all but over.    


Possible to set fighters launch as the priority whenever the carrier is in danger? Or at least, for every strike wave, launch the fighters first then the bombers.  Not sure if DCG can do anything about the launch logic.

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Btw, Paul.  I know HSFX 7.03 has this new feature call trigger mod.  I may be able to utilize it to solve the carrier launch issue.  Perhaps I can put in a trigger that says if enemy attack wave gets within a certain range of the carrier, a flight of fighters will spawn on the carrier deck for launch.  Wonder if it would mess up anything in DCG.

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It shouldn't.  DCG doesn't carry over very much information from one mission to the next that isn't supplied by the log.  So if you were to figure out a way to launch more CAP outside of the mission file (through a trigger), DCG would just take the losses from the CAP and apply it to the campaign. 

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